About Peggs

The story

Peggs was born during the pandemic because, founder, Grace O'Brien wanted to make a plant-based alternative for one of her favorite foods: eggs.  Grace eats predominantly plant-based for environmental reasons, and said she couldn't find a good "vegan egg" option.

Grace decided to experiment in her own kitchen to develop a recipe that could be used, just like eggs, in cooking or baking. She tested different beans and legume bases for the recipe - including soy, pumpkin, & lentil - but she said the flavor of chickpea won out.

Chickpea flour is a nutrient rich and flavorful ingredient, that has been used in Indian cuisine for centuries. Our recipe combines this traditionally Indian staple, chickpea flour, with other plant ingredients, spices, & emulsifiers to create an "eggy" texture and flavor. With Peggs, we hope to make veganism easier and more accessible.

Peggs' goal is  to create mission-driven food that is delicious, clean, and good for the environment. Compared to real eggs, Peggs need less land, water, and energy to produce, and  CO2 emissions.